We expand and nurture your neurodivergent child’s developmental capacity and collaboratively solve problems with your family.

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-Kerri, Expert Level DIRFloortime, Occupational Therapist & Mom.


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Real talk here- Learning everything on your own can be downright exhausting! Join us to learn from the comfort of your home with some other moms and dads just like you. You need strategies, and we have loads of them. Let’s go!

Support Group

This group was created to provide an additional layer of support for moms and dads who want to continue their learning journey. We prioritize convenience, community, and expert-level assistance because we understand that these are exactly what you need!


Tired of cookie-cutter programs or stale approaches? Our 10-week OT and/or DIRFloortime Intensive are for families who truly want a customized experience with noticeable results. We are licensed in NJ, NY, CT, PA, and NH.

Finding the right course of action for your neurodivergent child can be overwhelming and frustrating, especially when those offering opinions aren’t aligned with your parenting philosophies or standards.


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You are a caring mom and dad, to an awesome child but it’s no secret that you are tired.

We hear things like…

→ I don’t have enough time.

→ I have conflicting information.

→ I’m not seeing changes in my child.

→ I need more support.

You aren’t doing anything wrong!

You just aren’t connected to the right support system. We will help give you the professional framework and language for what you already know as their parents.

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Whatever life looks like for you, I would be honored to be part of it.

An enthusiast from the very beginning, I volunteered at a therapy clinic in high school to help me reign in a career choice. It felt natural at the age of 15 to be playful, and often goofy, to earn a child’s interest and trust. Whew, what a relief to escape the blooming world of adult responsibility (still relevant in 2020 by the way). I went on to graduate Summa Cum Laude with a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy.

If you are a numbers person, I’ve worked directly with 1,817 families in the last 17 years, have 3 advanced certifications, and over 590 continuing education hours. Check out my Credentials Page to hear more. I am also the proud wife of 1 and a mom of 3. I would need you for at least another 3 hours if I am going to summarize everything I love about them!

The Plan

Here is what working with us looks like.

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Get your heart (and camera!) ready for real growth in your child’s life.

So, here is our promise. If we’re not absolutely confident that we can help you gain clarity and confidence with your child, we’ll tell you who we think will do it better. Guaranteed.



“Kerri gave us permission to act on the instinct that we have known for years: there is a better way to help our son. Immediately after we started working with Kerri, we saw a significant and ongoing increase in language which has greatly reduced our son’s behaviors. Kerri is a skilled professional and someone who truly cares. She is not here to  “correct” them out of who they are. She is here to give parents the tools to unlock compassion and effective communication, built on mutual respect and trust. For everyone who has tried everything… we’ve been there. Kerri has a new path and she has the ability to walk you down it. We can’t thank her enough for helping our family.”


“Thank you for all the tips! You’ve helped more than her two therapies together to be honest and I just strive to help her this way as much as I can.”

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