Your child may have gained so many darn skills this past year that you are literally bursting with pride. You are so grateful but can’t help but feel like language and social skills are still dragging.

Here a few favorite activities that can easily fit into any household routine. Remember to do these games with your child first to build up their abilities. After that, try them out with siblings or peers.


This game is effective with honestly almost any type of kid. The adult just needs to know how to play the part. Are you ready to be playful?


  • Start with: Staying in the same room, running loudly, making yourself partially visible, giving a little      sound.
  • Work towards: Moving to other rooms, withholding clues unless you hear them shift their interest, turn taking.

Don’t Wake Me Up!

The kids LOVE this game. You pretend to be sleeping, and then they wake you up. Play this game sitting in your kitchen chair, on the couch or on carpeted floor. 

  • Start with: Another adult waking you up so your child learns how to play the game, staying within a few feet of them, luring them in loud snoring
  • Work towards: Not waking up right away when they touch you to get more language and problem solving, moving further away, chasing after them when they wake you up. 

Bed Toss.

Sorry in advance if you make your bed every day and it looks pretty. Wait, that is none of you? Perfect. In this game, you toss your child onto your bed. 

  • Start with: repeating the game with any sort gesture that they want to continue, keeping it predictable
  • Work towards: running away after you toss them so they have to find you for more, requesting for “big toss” or “little toss” with words or gestures, work in turn taking or delayed gratification by tossing yourself on the bed between trials (but don’t get too cozy!).

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