1:1 Parent Coaching

Sometimes just getting your questions answered can make you feel 10 times better. We know you are doing your best to give your child everything they need, but sometimes you need more support and a new approach. We are here to support you in whatever area you need!
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Our 1:1 coaching services are focused on enhancing your capacity to help your child and yourself. You set the agenda at the beginning and we will go through it one thing at a time. It looks different for everyone, but it always includes fast-track support to resources and information, and a caring nudge in the right direction!

We know you have questions you need answered. We are here to be a resource and friend to you as you navigate helping your child. 

 1:1 Coaching is right for you if you are…

  • Second guessing the choices you are making for your child.
  • Needing someone to explain your options.
  • Feeling overwhelmed by all the information out there.
  • Feeling discouraged by other people’s attempts to help your child.

Together we will…

  • Build a relationship that you and your child can count on.
  • Have convenient online access to each other to go over any/all questions you may have.
  • Organize information for some of your hardest decisions, so you can feel confident moving forward.


We love getting to know each one of our families, and identifying exactly what they need. We’re bringing unparalleled enthusiasm, problem-solving, and expertise to the table to enhance your capacity to help your child and yourself. 

Book a FREE 15-minute SAY HELLO Consultation to learn more!

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