You have realized that your child needs to work on the fine motor skills in their hand, or someone has suggested it. You do all the things a “good mom” should- ask people for advice, buy fine motor toys (or make them if you are really awesome), and try to work on it. Your child resists or struggles.

This is happening for a reason and you need to get to the bottom of it. Here is the deal- you can’t just focus on their hands…

Super Fancy Therapist Language:

“You need proximal stability before distal mobility.”

Practical Mom Language:

“You need belly, back, and shoulder muscles to be strong in order for the hands to work their best.”

Before you add a million new things to your routine, see if you can encourage your child to play in these positions:

Belly Time Propped Up on Elbows

Place some toys on the floor and start building some shoulder strengthening! Keep things within reach so they aren’t tempted to get up so quickly. 

On Hands & Knees

“You are past the crawling stage (maybe even your child skipped it), but we need to place some body weight back into your child’s hands. Try any game in this position- pushing cars around is a favorite. Set-up “stops” through the room and have your child “pick-up” their favorite  characters.

Up On Knees

Place a small table, box, or surface in from of your child so that they can play in this position without putting hands down onto floor or standing up. You can sit like I am here so you can give them a nudge back up if they try to sit down. 

Playing at Easel

This builds up your shoulder, but it also super good for your wrist as well. If you don’t have an easel, you can hold things against the wall- paper, foam puzzles, hammering toys, etc. 

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