My Early Experiences with Books

I hated reading books as a kid. In seventh grade, I actually made up an entire book report and got an A. The title, the author, the plot- all made up. Imagination and creativity have always been my strong suit. My face still blushes thinking about how bold I was.

It took me until I was twenty years old to realize that I could actually love a book. I found myself roaming the Self-Help isles of Barnes & Noble in college to find answers about how to cope with a bad breakup. I was a young adult trying to find my way- and it was really hard. I watched Oprah since before I even wore a bra so the book titles that surrounded me in the Self-Help section felt so comforting. My eyes widened at the thought of all the collective wisdom held in those isles.

Books Help You Solve Problems

And I was hooked. I ran to the Self-Help section of Barnes & Noble for just about everything in college. I would go to the mall for a new “Saturday night shirt,” but I actually cared more about getting another book. Some book titles I was willing to check out from my college library, but the majority were purchased at Barnes & Noble and secretly read without any trace.

I can’t tell you exactly when I felt comfortable sharing my love for reading Self-Help books with college friends. It isn’t exactly relatable. The timeline of it all seems a bit fuzzy now. I can tell you that my friends started calling me “Dr.Phil” my junior year of college so I became aware that I was dishing out the advice that I was reading.

Books As Game Changers

I’ve gone on to read hundreds of books that have impacted my life, and the lives of those I love and serve. The sad truth today is many people search information about their child’s development on the internet. It is convenient and free. I get it, but I would ask (or beg!) you to reconsider. The internet can distract you with an excessive amount of information whereas a book can immerse you in relevant content that has a greater opportunity to change your life. Plus, published authors have way more credibility than most the junk out there! 

Mom Truth

What’s that? You don’t have time to read a book? I’ve been there too. Audible has completely saved me in seasons that I haven’t had time to sit and read.

If you want someone to read the book for you (because honestly you are completely tapped), then jump into our free Facebook Group. Every Thursday I jump on a LIVE video for 10 minutes to unpack a chapter or strategy. Moms loved the book The Whole Brain Child by Dr. Siegel and Dr. Bryson. We still talk about learning “command and demand,” and doing our best everyday to “connect and redirect.”

There was a time not so long ago (okay, it was almost two decades ago!) when I hated reading books. Now I can say from experience that books will shift your perspective and habits more than the internet, and ultimately transform your life.

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