You might be anxiously awaiting for your child to talk or talk more. Who wouldn’t be? Your child’s ability to have expressive communication will make things so much easier! Hold on though- We owe it to your child to build up the skills that will make them a stronger talker when the time is right for them developmentally.

Make sure you are using your limited supply of energy on these things and I promise the words will come.

Support Regulation

Lets put the spotlight on you for a second. What kind of language do you produce when you are emotional or dysregulated? You might not talk at all, talk too much, have loosely connected thoughts, use words that you really didn’t mean to, etc. The same goes for your child. Better regulation → Better communication.

Be Responsive

The research is very clear on this. Responsive relationships yield better outcomes. You already know this, but sometimes we get sucked into the technology tornado. It is super important to respond to (almost) everything because your child will initiate more when you are responding.

Stretch Interactions

Do everything you can to keep the flow going. Create this organically by commenting and staying present. Get as many back and forth gestures as you possibly can. Focus more of your efforts on shared social problem solving rather than compliance. The latter tends to be more 1-way.

Tracking your child’s progress with talking and other skills is essential, that’s why I created the Memories & Milestones Worksheet Bundle, DOWNLOAD this FREE resource.

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