The world is a symphony of sensory information. With stimulation buzzing all around us at seemingly rapidly increasing rates, many of us are often left in a state of sensory overload, feeling flooded by the sheer volume of input. If you are experiencing this, imagine the impact this input is having on your child. Whether you freeze amidst the chaos or find yourself diving into action mode, it can be difficult to know how to make changes that will yield tangible results for both you and your children.

So the question remains; how do you find peace in the overwhelm? Spending hours you don’t have searching for potential answers amongst a sea of information doesn’t feel like time well spent. We’ve got you! Having walked alongside numerous families throughout many seasons of life, we have listened and taken careful notes and now we want to gift them to you! Check out our list of tried and true strategies to support nervous system regulation. It’s by no means all-inclusive, but certainly a great place to begin!

Limit Visual →

  • Lower lights
  • Find dark spaces, away from light
  • Stay stationary
  • Remove clutter
  • Use neutral colors

Limit Sounds →

  • Reduce the number of environmental sounds
  • Turn down the volume
  • Move to a new space
  • Ask others to be quiet
  • Use headphones or earplugs

Don’t Touch →

  • Model without hand-under-hand
  • Avoid tickling
  • Keep distance
  • Space is appreciated

Monitor Yourself →

  • Watch your intensity
  • Be mindful of pacing
  • Notice your movement
  • Lower your body
  • Anchor yourself in one place
  • Check-in with your breathing
  • Consider proximity
  • Lend your own regulation

You certainly can’t control every aspect of information influencing your internal state or your child’s, but you can create pockets of calm in your day and navigate the stimulating world with more peace and focus. Don’t be afraid to mix and match strategies to find the best fit! Everyone deserves to feel centered and in control, even amidst the constant hum.

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